Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day Nail Art

Hey everyone! I hope everyone feels loved, not just on the 14th but everyday!

I wanted to share with you the nail art I did for Valentines Day!

We aren't doing anything fancy tonight, we got a wedding to pay for! So I'm just cooking dinner and we are staying in.

(I would have liked to have rotated this photo, but this PC just isn't working....)

Love you all!



Ariel said...

super cute nails!! love the ring finger!


FoxyAries said...

Thank you! I'm not the best at nail art but I LOVE playing with designs

Meredith Pickering said...

Very cute! Certainly better than I could do - I can barely paint my nails without smudging everything to shit.

LC said...

Loving the nails!! So creative and sasssyyyy!! <3

I've missed you girl! I hope all is well! When are you getting marrrrriiieeeeedddd??!! I remember we've talked alot about it!!


Kirsty said...

Cute mani!Love the heart detail on the ring finger. Just started following your blog, would love you to check out my blog also and follow back if you like :D