Thursday, September 15, 2011

September BIRCHBOX is here!!!

OK, soooo eh!

That's how I felt after opening this months box. Last few months there has been one maybe two items that I got excited about, with that being said I'm not sure if I would order a full size of anything that they have sent me. You all know that I'm cheap and I'm not paying an outrageous amount for something, when I feel I can get a better deal with a drugstore product. I'm not a label girl, yes I don't have some name brand items but I bought them because I liked them not because the brand was "cool".

Anyways with that being said here is my September Birchbox, which is their one year anniversary celebration box...

Here is the card that tells everything I got...

"Girly" by Harvey Prince:
It's just ok. I would not purchase a full bottle at $98, maybe like $9.80 a bottle LOL!!

blinc mascara:
I haven't got to try this out yet, however I'm excited to check this out. The concept seems pretty neat, basically like tubes around your lashes.

Adventurous Incoco Nail Polish Applique:
These are everywhere and I've never tried one before because I truely enjoy painting my nails. It's my relaxing time of the week. I'll try these out for sure and let you know, I do think the leopard is fun (trying to think of a fun event to wear these, maybe Halloween?)

Lash Card:
This seems like a joke. How does this help your lashes not clump?!?!

Jouer Lip Conditioner:
I think my lips were soft, but I didn't notice any plumping effect. I think I got the same result from my softlips.

Friendship Bracelet:
This was the treat you thought would make us excited, LOL!!! Nice concept, just a poor execution. It's simply a string with a metal square. I put it on to be funny and Jerry looked at it and said "You are not seriously going to wear that are you?" LOL!!!

As stated I was not overly impressed about this box. I am considering canceling my subscription, and I know $10 isn't a lot and I LOVE to get home and see that box of surprise waiting for me - but could my $10 be spent better else where?? I think I will give it until the beginning of the year and see how I feel then.

What are your thoughts on Birchbox recently? 

Have a fabulous day!!!



LC said...

I need to get on this birch box bandwagon!! I'm jealous of all of that good stuff!!

I also awarded you on my blog.. check it out when you get the chance!!


LC said...



Thank you for reading MY STORY. It's alittle deep, but it's who I am and it's what makes me this little blogger from New Jersey. <3 I appreciate your support!! Thank you so much!

And about the Bridal Series Makeup! I'd love to do it... tell me what you are looking for? Do you want me to do several different looks? Be a bit more specific and I'll do it for you!


Ariel said...

I am subscribed to the Canadian version of Birch Box called Luxe Box! I love it!

I followed! Follow me back?

-Ariel* xoxo