Friday, September 23, 2011

FOTD: Hard Candy “Peace” Baked Eye Shadow and Review

I was shopping at our local Walmart and wanted to check out the line, since I’ve heard so much about it. I decided that I wanted to try the baked eye shadow. There were a few different choices but I chose “Peace”. It’s a light brown and brown, with shimmer, but it’s not over powering shimmer. I thought it could make for a good everyday look.

I did prime my lids, as I always do. This time I used my Two Faced Shadow Insurance. Here is the look…
I don't know wht I look so swollen...


I liked the colors. When I first opened the product the colors looked really shimmery and I’m not a huge fan of that – for daily wear. However, once applied to the lid, it was just a subtle shimmer and looked pretty. The colors have good payoff. Colors are very true to color. I can’t speak for the longevity of the product because I used a primer, however it did last until I took my makeup off that night. I do like the versatility of these types of shadows because they can be used wet or dry, I however have just used them dry.


The packaging is kinda cheap and feels like it could break easily.

I also like the affordability factor on these, they are only $6. They are totally worth the price.

Have you tried this? If so, what did you think?

p.s. Miranda I think you would love this duo!!!

Have a fabulous day!!!



Miranda said...

Pretty! this looks really good on you. I actually have one called high maintenance that is neutral colors like these 2. I wonder how similar they are??!

FoxyAries said...

I looked up High Maintenance and they look VERY simular... I knew you would like it :) I think its pretty!!

Sydney H. said...

wow such a lovely look :)

- Sydney xo

simplychicxox said...

cute look, the eyeshadow looks really good! :)

check out my blog and follow? :)

lovely blog btw :)

LC said...

Love these colors on you. This colors compliment blue eyes, and make them pop! Great job girl!

AND - I plan to do the bridal series for you! I am going plan it out a bit more and do some looks that maybe you may like!?

I'll keep you posted as soon as I do as I'll be linking you to the posts!!

ALSO!! About the engagement.. yeah.. I think I am going to go your route and just shut up about it lol and be more passive as well. Hopefully it'll work! It's hard too, because this mother absolutely loves me and asks about it all the time to us when we're all together, which makes me wants to egg it on as well! Oy vey! lol Thanks for all your info though and I'll let you know how it works out for me! Haha


Starryskies214 said...

These colors are super pretty! They remind me of something you'd see on a Victoria's Secret model or something. Natural with a little something extra!

Jordy's Spot said...

So glad to have stumbled across your blog :)

Ashii said...

really pretty! I have given you a blog award :)