Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Product Review – TRESemme Freshstart Dry Shampoo

Ok so my mom has always taught me, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”. But that would make for a VERY boring review if all you were reading was the name and seeing a picture of the product, so for once I’m not going to listen to my mom...

I recently bought the “TRESemme Freshstart Dry Shampoo”. In an effort to preserve my blonde highlights I thought using the dry shampoo would be a good alternative to washing my hair daily. My hair gets really oil/greasy looking after about 16 hours of not being washed.

The TRESemme Website claims to “Zap oil and odor in between washes with this new dry shampoo. The unique formula gives hair a clean look and feel with gorgeous volume, even when you don’t wash.”
The first time I used it my hair still seemed oily, which for me is unacceptable. I even had a coworker ask if my hair was wet. I thought to myself how could my hair be wet since I haven’t washed it in over a day, then it hit me its oily not wet. So I immediately put a hat on. It did leave a powdery feeling, even after being brushed out as stated in directions. Also, I need to warn you about the smell. The first whiff isn’t bad, but then you get s strong chemical like scent (YUCK!) I also felt like I had a cloud of something in my throat ( I know “what were you inhaling it for?!?!?!).

I was really hoping this would be a great product also because I was planning on using it for when we go camping. Sometime there isn’t a shower and I HATE not washing my hair. I don’t give up very easily on products so I decided to try it out a few more times, but still not impressed. You can tell in the photos that my hair looks a LITTLE less oily, but not enough to matter - in my opinion.

Here are some before (on the left) and after (on the right) photos...

Hope you found this helpful and have a fabulous day!



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