Thursday, July 7, 2011

L’Oreal Sublime Bronze - Review

I don’t think it’s any shock to you that I’m pale, like Casper the Ghost white. I don’t like tanning, outside or in a tanning bed for health reasons. When I am in the sun I layer on the sunscreen, SPF 50 please. Anyways, I do however like to be tan. So I bought the L’Oreal Sublime Bronze. I’ve tried it three times now. Before each application I exfoliate really well, to make sure there are no dry spots to effect the way the self tanner applies.

The first two times I used this product I applied it with my hands – BAD idea! The first time I used water to rinse my hands in between application to different areas. The second time I used soap and water in between application to different areas. Both times I had orange palms, I will say the second time wasn’t nearly as bad. The final time I tired this product I used a brush to apply it, so no orangy palms.

Here are the before and after pictures:

No matter how I applied the products some spots were darker than others, and some areas didn’t seem to have any color at all. Now this could TOTALLY be contributed to the fact that maybe I didn’t cover all areas, but it wasn’t for lack of effort. The lotion starts off a dark bronze color but as you rub it in it disappears and you can’t see where you’ve placed the product. I though I did a good job of applying, but I did miss the back of my knees and my sides – which wasn’t too bad considering. When it tells you to use sparingly around fingers, toes and ankles, they mean it. My feet look darker than anywhere else on my body and I barely applied any to my feet. Once applied it takes about 4 to 6 hours for you to truly see the color. The color was good. I felt like I looked tan, just don’t stand next to a tanned person because then you look a little orange. This could also be because I am so pale, who knows.

Can you see where I missed part of my hand? This was taken about 5 days after application.

I noticed that the product lasted about 4 days before I noticed some fading and was able to scrub of the remainder after about a week.

The smell is nice, not great but I didn’t hate it.

I will use the rest of the tube that I have now, but I will not purchase again. I would like something this is applied a little easier and a better option for application.

Hope you enjoyed reading my thoughts, and maybe I can help you make an informed decision when it comes to self tanners.

Have a fabulous day!



Amalia J said...

really great post! I had such a hard time putting into words why I dont like self tanner :P

FoxyAries said...

Thanks!!! I'm still looking though because I like ot look tan, just not from the sun LOL