Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Shooting for a Star – LA Colors Look #2

Ok so here is my second look, I’m telling you I was a little bored but didn’t feel like going out. HeHeHe… I did all three of these in like an hour…
This look is from the LA Colors Eyeshadow Trio Shooting Star.

I used the blue on the inner lid and inner part of the lower lash line. I then put the purple in the center of the lid to help blend the blue into pink. I put pink on the outer part of the lid, lower lash line and crease, then blended up with the French Vanilla highlight. I also used the LS Colors Black liquid liner (which was a disaster, and you can see from the pictures LOL!) I used black mascara, I think my Maybelline great lash and Urban Decay Black liner on my waterline.

This was another one where I was just playing around with color.

I was just playing around and knew I wasn’t going to be leaving the house, so I didn’t really take my time like I should have but I knew I was just washing it off. The color pay off from these can be great if you build them up and don’t blend too much. I've never tried to do a "cat eye" using a liner before so for a first attempt, not too mad but I wouldn't leave the house with it, hehehe. I think putting makeup on others is sooo much easier than on myself.

Why do I look fun in this picture?!?!?!

I do think other than the liner, this is something I would wear, just need to perfect it.
Meme - I'm hoping you got this tri too so you can show us how a pro does work :)

Hope you have a fabulous day!




Meredith Jessica said...

Cat eye liner is really difficult, I'm still struggling to master it but you've got to start somewhere. Keep playing!

Anonymous said...

I agree with is a difficult technique to master...I, too, have yet to master it...but keep at it, girlie, and you'll get it! Thanks for the comment but i am no pro...i still have MANY days where I'm not happy with my I continue to practice and it gets easier and better so again, keep at it! You're doing awesome! =D

Jo Woods said...

love the colours, they look so pretty on you.

I can't do the Cat eye liner, I've tried it a few times and always end up with a wonky, uneven line, lol.

I think you did a really good job :)


FoxyAries said...

Ok I'm glad to hear the the cat eye liner isn't the easiest thing in the world I just thought it was me.. LOL...

Thanks Jo!!