Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sally Hershberger Wave Spray - Review

So I bought the Sally Hershberger Wave Spray for my hair, based off of a suggestion from an employee at Ulta. I told her I was looking for a beachy spray to use to help hold the waves in my hair when using my deep waver. She said the product was amazing and would hold the waves in my hair for a long time. I bought it based off of her recommendation and didn’t even really read the bottle (MY FAULT).

Once I got home I wanted to wave my hair so I got out my new fun product, that I was soooo excited about using. I read the directions, “Shake well before using Spray on damp hair. Use fingertips to pull through or comb to a perfectly pieced shape.” Uh wait, what?!?!?! How am I going to spray onto my damp hair if I’ve just used my waver?? So I didn’t get to use it that time, I just used my flexible hold spray. So the next time I washed my hair I decided to spray it in and just scrunch it.

When I sprayed it, I did get a “beach” smell from it. Not really sure how to describe it, but it was nice. I didn’t really notice anything great, or even good, happening to my hair. I didn’t notice any real difference from how my hair looked when I let it air dry, just a little be piece-ier (is that a word?!?!). Then another time I used it and then waved my hair, because she said they could be used together, and I would STRONGLY recommend not doing this. The smell was horrible and made my hair feel AWFUL. I also tried spraying it on dry hair which was another total disaster.

I’ve decided to stay with my flexible hold hairspray and just a body splash, that reminds me of the beach. I would not recommend to anyone with wavy, thin and sometimes oily hair.

Hope you enjoyed!



Anonymous said...

Great review!

angelareneef said...

That's different because I have wavy hair and I spray this in my hair when it is damp and do a little setting and it holds my waves while making them silky and touchable. But yeah, I definitely wouldn't apply to dry hair. Also, this may help: a little goes a long way; you only want a mist of it. I do have somewhat oily hair... but as long as I just mist it... I get great results! Hope this helps.