Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Nail Polish Review – DelSol Color Changing Nail Polish


Ok so as you know I dropped by a Del Sol store. Everything they sell is color activated by UV lights. The shrits we neat, but not anything I would wear. Then I seen they had nail polish, and being that I’m a sucker for polish – I just HAD to have it. (yea right!) So anyways I got two different colors, “Girls Night Out” and “Secret Crush”. The polish goes on smooth and dries quickly. I’ve tried both out in the sun and they really do change color. “Secret Crush” is a more noticeable change, from a light coral to a purple. However, “Girls Night Out” is a slight change, from a berry red with gold shimmer to a purple/burgundy color.

*I apologize about the quality of the paint job on Secret Crush. I took pictures about 4 days after I painted them*

“Girls Night Out”  In sunlight on left, no sunlight on right
“Secret Crush”  In sunlight on left, no sunlight on right

The color in the sunlight is supposed to be the same as the color on these stickers, which I don't think it true.

While I think these are fun and I will use them again, I’m not sure if I would repurchase them again at $8 a bottle. I think they are fun, but if you aren’t going to be in the sun a lot (or carry a uv light around with you) it really doesn’t change much.



Little Petite said...

I like the secret crush :]

Meredith Jessica said...

Hmm, these remind me of mood rings I used to buy when I was younger. Fun concept but I think I'll probably stick to basic polishes, you always end up paying so much more for the 'gimmick', you know what I mean?

FoxyAries said...

I think these are sooo gimmicy and they totally seen me coming from a mile aeay LOL!!! I like the secret crush, but unless you point it would no one notices...