Monday, June 20, 2011

Body Shop Haul

So one of the store I stopped in this weekend was "The Body Shop". I had gotten a Groupon worth $40 a few months ago and decided I wanted to check it out since I had never been there before. They were actually having a pretty good sale, so I was really excited about that.

So they were having a clearance on some of their cosmetics. I was able to pick this bronzer up for only $5. I wanted it because it is matte. Sometimes I don't want shimmer and it seems like all of my bronzer has shimmer.


They had this blush for only $1 (and you know I had to get it since it was only $1)

I also found these eye shadow palettes for only $5 each. I got a neutral palette and a smoky palette.

The whole reason I got the Groupon was to try their body scrubs and body butters. I was set that I was getting the strawberry when I went in and left with the Mango Body Scrub and the Papaya Body Butter. Both of these were on sale for $10, normally $16 so I thought that was pretty awesome. I like the smell of these, obviously  - thats why I bought them. I will further review them later.

The sales person suggested that I get these gloves for an even deeper exfoliation, so I did. They were $5.

When I went into the store I was told about an amazing cosmetic brush deal that they had going on and of course I fell for it hook line and sinker. LOL. It's a 5 piece brush set that comes in the cute little carry case. I have not yet tested these brushes, but looking forward to testing them out. The large one, on the left, was for sale in the store for $24 and this whole set cost me $15 - couldn't pass it up.

The sales lady also threw in a sample of one of their new fragrances.

After using my Groupon, it only cost my $16 out of my pocket on Saturday (if you include the cost of the Groupon it was $36 - which I think is still a great deal!)

Have you ever shopped at The Body Shop? What did you love or hate? They had some eye shadows that I wanted to try, but felt like I could hold off on them. It was their Eye Shadow Shimmers and when combined with eye liner they transform into almost a neon effect - hard to describe. Now that I'm talking about these I'm going to have to go back and get them LOL They are currently on sale buy 3 get 2 free so you could get all 5 for $4.80 each. I wish I would have taken photos to show you, but I wasn't thinking.

Hope you are having a fabulous day!!!




Miranda said...

nice haul from there...I really wanna try the body butters!

FoxyAries said...

I have only used it once and I liked it. I figured I would do a full review on the scrub and butter.

Amalia J said...

*sniffles* no body shop where I live :( Awesome haul!