Thursday, June 16, 2011

My NYX Haul

I got these products after the big NYX 12th anniversary sale fiasco. I wanted to share everything I got with everyone. I’ve included both the website swatch and my personal swatch so you can see what the colors actually look like, as opposed to what the site claims. For SOME reason I picked out some totally random colors – that I have to admit I’m totally questioning – really did I need more browns?!?!?!

Chrome Loose Eye Shadow – I love loose pigment shadows. The color payoff seems to be better with these, than their regular pressing shadows.  

(Left to Right) Penny, Goddess, Beanie, Lagoon
(Left to Right) Hard Core, Iced Mocha, Piggy Back, Golden Peach
 I think these are all great colors, but can be very sheer once blended. Left side was paded on, right side was blended.
Clockwise: Iced Mocha, Piggy Back, Golden Peach, Lagoon, Goddess, Beanie, Penny, Hard Core
 Also, be careful while opening these up because they can be very messy. The lids twist off, but there is a plastic lid (seen behind the container) that you have to pull out.

Mega Shine Lip Gloss – LOVE! These are great lip glosses. I like that they are not sticky, great color selection and pleasant smell. "Vixen" is WAAAAY tooo dark for me, but is a pretty color. The applicator is nice as well.

    Nude Pink

Nude Peach

    Sugar Pie

Blush – Provides a nice color for your cheeks and seems to last a while.
Left to Right: Angel, Mocha, Peach



 Jumbo Eye Pencil – I love using these as a base, over a primer. These seem to help bring out the true pigments of your eye shadow. They are very smooth and creamy feeling. The "Baby Blue" for some reason was a LOT softer than the other colors.

(LEFT) Top to Bottom: Black Bean, Electric Blue, Purple Velvet, Baby Blue, Strawberry Milk.

Left to Right: Electric Blue, Purple Velvet, Strawberry Milk, Baby Blue, Black Bean.

LipStick – These have a nice moisturizing feel to them. There are so many colors to chose from, I will be getting more!

Left - Gardenia, Right - Tea Rose
    Tea Rose

And last but certainly not least... Soft Matte Lip Creams: I Love these! At first, I will admit I didn't like the consistancy of these but now I love them! They glide on, smell like buttercream, and leave your lips feeling soooo smooth.


Antwerp (normally a brighter orange, this picture doesn't do it justice)

That was all I got from that sale, how ever I wanted to share some swatches with you on some over NYX products I currently own - I will create another post so this isn't soooo long :) ALSO, the alignment is off on this post SORRY I couldn't fix it!!!

Have a fabulous day!!!



Starryskies214 said...

Piggy Back looks like such a pretty color and I'm not usually a fan of baby blues. Penny looks gorgeous as well. I almost got the JEP in electric blue but removed it from my cart and now I'm thinking it wasn't the smartest move on my part haha. Great haul!

D.Sadie said...

Amazing haul! I wanted to buy something from this sale but unfortunately they don't ship to Hawaii. Those loose eye shadows look amazing. Everything looks great. Thanks for the swatches. =)

Great blog. New follower. Hope you follow back


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FoxyAries said...

@ Star - Yes those two are really pretty and in person Lagoon is really pretty too... When I was playing with them I was thinking I wonder what wild amazing look you would do with them - :)

@ Dinah - WELCOME!!!! Thanks so much for following... Heading to your page now!!!! I've actually been to Hawaii (back in 1995)... Stayed in Honolulu (can you say tourist?!!?!?)