Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My June BIRCHBOX Arrived!!!

 Can I tell you how excited I was when I got home last night to see that my first EVER BIRCHBOX was sitting on the counter?!?!? I was SUPER excited. I hurried up started dinner and ripped it open.

I wanted to share with everyone what I got, so here we go!


It comes in such nice packaging. Nice to see they care that their stuff arrives in good condition.

Awww a surprise in side of a surprise!!!

Pureology ColourStylist Strengthening Control Zero Dulling Hairspray

Birchbox Breakdown
Don’t think that eco-conscious means lightweight. This vegan, sulfate-free finishing spray delivers long-lasting hold minus any stickiness or residue, and dries in a snap. The formula is designed to keep color-treated hair vibrant, and the fresh scent will make you want to use it every day.

How it Works
Specially formulated for color-treated hair (but great for any type), ColourStylist’s vegetable protein-based Strengthening AntiFade Complex® boosts color, smoothness, and hair strength. Organic botanicals like orange oil and olive oil keep strands hydrated and soft.

I love this sample size to put into my purse. I haven't used it yet but sounds like a great product!

Nuxe Réve de Miel® Ultra Comfortable Body Cream

 Birchbox Breakdown
A great body cream is a necessity year-round. Parisian brand Nuxe has created one of our all-time favorites. This honey-laced formula is creamy rich and blends into our skin without any stickiness, leaving it soft and supple. We’d be happy with just that, but it’s also proven to improve overall skin hydration after just one month of use.

How it Works
Nuxe’s nourishing formula works in three steps: First honey liposomes and antioxidant-rich wild fruit oils hydrate skin. Next, macadamia oil soothes any irritations. Lastly, honey from fir trees (chosen for their resistance to harsh weather conditions) tones and restores, while chestnut extract renews cells to prevent further dryness.

I've tried this twice now and not a fan. The formula leaves a chalky talc powdery feel on my skin. Within an hour I felt dry again and needed to put additional lotion on. I won't be purchasing this.

Tatcha Aburatorigami Blotting Papers

Birchbox Breakdown

You can thank profligate Japanese royalty for Tatcha's elegant blotting papers: during Imperial times, handmade paper was used to protect gold and silver as it was hammered into decorative gold leaf. Geishas used the leftover papers, flecked with precious metals, to keep their skin matte.

How it Works
Handmade from durable abaca fibers and real gold leaf, these blotting papers are all-natural and highly absorbent. They pick up oil without ruining makeup, and don't leave a powdery residue. And because the sheets are twice the size of normal blotting papers, they go twice as far.

I havne't tried these yet. My skin is dry most of the time, the only time I know my face to be oily is when I'm camping. I'm not sure if these would be good for me or not, but I'll try them.

Sooo cute!

kate spade new york Twirl

Inside of sample perfume... "she had a cocktail in hand and confetti in her hair"

Birchbox Breakdown
kate spade new york’s charming designs are meant to be playful, feminine, and joyful — the same goes for the brand’s signature scent. Attention-getting without being overpowering, Twirl is an incredibly versatile fragrance. The fruity floral is as suitable for the office as it is for a cocktail party. And just like everything else in the kate spade new york universe, Twirl makes you feel instantly more pulled together and ladylike.

How it Works
This fruity floral gets its cheerful, flirty vibe from a combination of top notes of watermelon, blackberry, and red currant and a middle layer of orange blossom, jasmine, and magnolia. Musk and a dose of French macaroons balance the composition and add an undercurrent of sophistication.

I love this smell. As soon as I smelled it I smiled. It is very fruity/floraly so if that isn't your thing, you won't like this at all! However I LOVE this smell.

Herban Essentials Towelettes

Birchbox Breakdown
Hot mess? No more. We’ve been using these all-natural wipes for years and keep them tucked in purses, desk drawers, and makeup bags. And, because they come individually wrapped, there’s no danger of them drying out.

How it Works
Each towelette has been infused with pure lemon or orange oil, which have all sorts of good-for-you benefits. They're natural germ-killers with detoxifying properties, plus the scent gives you an instant energy boost.

Sounds awesome, can't wait to try them!

Jouer Moisturizing Lip Gloss - Glistening 

Birchbox Breakdown
This gorgeous gloss conquers both dry lips and ho-hum style in a single, shimmery swoop. The shades may look pigmented but they go on sheer, and the ultra-shiny finish makes lips look fuller.

How it Works
The formula is packed with moisturizing shea butter and jojoba seed oil to moisturize, plus Vitamins A, C, and E to heal cracks and flakiness.

I think this lip gloss is soooo pretty and I absolutely LOVE it! I just wish the sample size was bigger because I'm goign to go through this stuff fast!

Look how tiny and cute this is...

 Here are some swatches of the product on. My camera did not pick up all the LOVELY sparkles in this gloss. Soooo pretty!!

This card gives a brief explination of whats in the box, and how much a full size would cost.
While I'm really excited about most of the items, some I'm slightly confused about. They send you products based on your beauty profile. I indicated that I'm dry and they sent me blotting papers for oily skin - seemed a little strange, but I'll give them a whirl!

Did you get a BIRCHBOX? What was in yours?

Not signed up to get a BIRCHBOX, click HERE to get one of your very own! Tell them I sent you!!

Have a fabulous day!!



Miranda said...

Yay for your first birchbox! Loved your post! That lipgloss looks super pretty.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I finally signed up for this and can't wait to get my first one next one! So excited!

prettyinpink said...

You got great stuff!! I really need to sign up for this!!! =)

Meredith Jessica said...

Man, I've seen so many posts about these on my blogroll lately. I wish I could afford it, these things look awesome.

FoxyAries said...

I like it. The excitement of opening it, not really sure what was in there... I THOUGHT I knew what was in there from your post Miranda, but I got completely different stuff... I thought it was good and for only $10... I think I waste more than that trying different products in a month...