Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Body Shop Papaya Body Butter

While at “The Body Shop” I also got the body butter in “Papaya”. I’ve been using it for a week and thought I would share my thoughts on it.

“The Body Shop” makes the following claims for this product (Click HERE for info):

What is it: An intensive, creamy all-over body moisturizer. It absorbs into the skin easily, helping to condition, soften and smooth the skin providing up to 24 hours non-stop moisturization.
Key Ingredients:
  • Papaya seed oil - moisturises the skin.
  • Cocoa butter - Is an excellent moisturizer that melts at body temperature, leaving the skin feeling soft and silky smooth.
  • Shea butter - Moisturizes and helps soften the skin.
How To Use: Scoop out with your fingers and massage into your skin as often as required. Seals in the moisture.

Thoughts- I LOVED this butter! It smells really good and tropical, pairs nicely with the mango I think. I used the butter after each exfoliation and had great results. The product actually look and feels like butter. Once your rub it in your hands it warms up and glides onto your skin.  Goes on very easily and a little goes a long way. It's a great product and I highly recommend it.


Amalia J said...

I LOVE these!! My skin feels so soft all day, they are the best!

FoxyAries said...

I love them too! The lady recommended blueberry, but I got this one instead. Do you have a favorite? This was my first time in, a Body Shop virgin. I was in there for like an hour trying all sorts of things.

Starryskies214 said...

I've never tried these either but do they feel thick on your skin?? Like you have a layer on top or do they sink in nicely? I've been interested but I've just never tried them.

FoxyAries said...

I think they rub in nicely. I know what you mean though. I hate when I put lotion on, then jeans and I feel like I'm sticking to my jeans...