Friday, June 17, 2011

Sally Hansen's HD Nail Polish Swatches

Hey everyone! I haven't painted my nails a color in a while, I was having nail issues. So I finally cut them all off and decided to start over. I painted them twice already this week and wanted to share the colors with you. I used my new Sally Hansen HD Nail Polish. Ignore my cuticles, they are healing LOL!!!

 This is Wavelength 11 - This is a metalic bright/hot pink. It took only two coats to achieve this color. I loved this color. It has some undertones of orange in it as well, which is obvious in the picture taken inside.

This is a combination of Hi Def (04 - green) and Three D (07 - yellow) . Why I picked these two colors I don't know, maybe cause I was drinking some sprite, I dunno. Anyways it took 4 coats of the green and only 2 coats of the yellow. The green is VERY sheer, but the yellow is quite opaque.

I thought these were ok nail polishes. The color selection in very bright and cheerful. They all have a metalic finish to them. I wore the Wavelength for 3 days before removing it, and I had no chipping. I found these on clearance, as you can find in my previous CVS Haul post, for less than $2 a bottle. I don't think I would normally wear the green and yellow, just a person preferrence but could be fun to use as nail art.

Hope you enjoyed and have a fabulous day!



D.Sadie said...

I love the yellow and green! =)


Anonymous said...

I'm completely diggin the yellow and green!